Marek Brandt, Fabian Niermann und Inka Perl / Radiolux

For the Luminale, the artists of Radiolux have conceived their "Dream of a City" in three chapters. The video work leads from historical urban structures of the present with a view of industry, traffic and communication, to future green, urban utopias. The buildings of the Römerberg act as stages with alternating narratives. The old St. Nicholas Church, the oldest building on the site, serves as a "pantry", where the production merges animations and sound collages from field recordings, with electronics, saxophone and clarinet.

Luminale on the Römer: A Dream of a City

3 times 30 years of partnership connect the city of Frankfurt with its twin cities of Budapest, Prague and Leipzig. Already in 1990, one year after the fall of the Iron Curtain, friendship treaties were concluded with three anniversaries. Where does one receive the guests of honor to celebrate such a memorable event? Where else but in the ”Gud Stubb" , the good old living room, in the heart of the city, on the Römerberg. For the Luminale 2020, the stage is set for the artists from Budapest, Prague and Leipzig! "A dream of a city" is the broad leitmotif for artistic works by the city’s partners. Under this motto, design studios from Budapest, Prague and Leipzig will each present an audiovisual work –  a video mapping that embraces the Römer and the Old St. Nicholas Church. A look at what we have in common, at what unites us, at common visions and challenges.

International city partnership has a long tradition and was born after the Second World War from the desire for lasting reconciliation.  This is where people meet, exchange experiences and ideas and get personally involved in collaborative projects.

The city of Frankfurt am Main is connected with 17 partner cities on four continents. One of the key objectives thereby is to promote meetings and exchange of experience. In 2020, the partnerships with Lyon, Milan and Tel Aviv will also be celebrating round jubilees. The oldest friendship treaty was concluded with Lyon in 1960, and 2020 marks its 60th anniversary.

Luminale on the Römer: 

Marek Brandt, Fabian Niermann und Inka Perl / Radiolux

Marek Brandt, Fabian Niermann and Inka Perl are Radiolux. Marek Brandt focuses on media art, specifically digital sound design, as well as sound and video performances. In addition to various forms of music, he engages with the possibilities of improvisation in interaction with digitally-generated sounds. Inka Perl's work is characterized by the two- and three-dimensional examination of objects and their transformation into moving images and installations.


Lichtkunst Outdoor

  • 12.–15.03.20, 19:30–22:30 Uhr
  • Römer, Römerberg, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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