to bee or not....

Veronika Staub, betreut von Prof. Reiner Wiesemes

With her installations in the Sonnemannsaal of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt, student Veronika Staub creates a conceptual connection between interior design and the system of bee colonies from the aspect of the social information structure. In doing so, she refers to the preserving qualities that both structures have in common as a guarantee for a diverse system.

The beehive is the hub of networking and communication. As the stage for a communicative act, the bee dance, it becomes an information center and point of orientation. The action in the beehive and its meaningful integration into the preservation of the species are the indicator of a successful spatial concept.

In the Sonnemannsaal, Staub links the social tasks of interior design with the organization and structure of a beehive in a sculptural room installation. "to bee or not..." thus focuses on the function of interior design and its ability to contribute to social development. The installation, thereby consciously raises the question of responsibility and responsible action.

A video installation on the façade facing the banks of the Main river allows the museum to play a special role: It appears as a place of social interaction and its nectar as a fruitful and spiritual source of nourishment.

The student project as part of the Biennale "innenarchitektur offen 2020": 


it drips

Harbor Thoughts


Veronika Staub, betreut von Prof. Reiner Wiesemes

Veronika Staub, student of interior design at the RheinMain University of Applied Sciences, has adopted the leitmotif "Bringing to light" and under the direction of Prof. Reiner Wiesemes, developed a concept for the room installation "to bee or not..." on display at the Sonnemannsaal of the Historisches Museum Frankfurt.

to bee or not....

Lichtkunst Indoor

  • 12.–15.03.20, 19–23 Uhr
  • Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Saalhof 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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