The Niche - A Missing Link

Laura J. Padgett

"The Niche: A Missing Link" is realized by means of Augmented Reality (AR) technology. The project is a logical continuation of the artistic exploration of interstices. In this work, visitors move virtually within these same spaces which draws attention to the overlooked, the neglected and the visionary that often lies in these gaps.

The – then – utopian thoughts contained in the designs by architects Étienne-Louis Boullée (1728-1799) and Claude-Nicolas Ledoux (1736-1806) appear on the smartphones of the AR app user and virtually integrated into the back of the building. Boullée's design for the National Library of France, for example, is interwoven with the reconstructed building of the Literaturhaus Frankfurt. In this way, the echo of classicism is combined with representations of original designs. The viewer can experience a connection between design, repetition and original design. It is a game with recognition and rediscovery of utopian ideas and their echo in urban planning.

That's how it works:

Install the "Adobe Aero" app from the app store and register there (Apple ID or Adobe ID required). Then open the link below in the app. Follow the instructions on the screen:
Slowly wave your phone over the ground until a surface is found. Put an anchor there. After a short time, the grid turns into 3D animation.

Download-Link AR-Project outdoor:

Download-Link AR-Project indoor:

The app only works with the following Apple devices:
iPhone 8 Plus and more
iPad and iPad mini fifth generation and more
iPad Air third generation and more
iPad Pro second generation and more

Systemic requirements: iOS 13 or later



Laura J. Padgett

In her work, the artist deals with real and imaginary unoccupied spaces to reveal truths that are often overlooked. Like her subject matter, her work itself occupies the spaces between photographic narrative and installation, language and image, history and current events. Although she uses photographic media, the result always exceeds a photographic object. (BA Painting, Pratt Institute; Film & Photography, Städelschule; MA Art History, Goethe University)

The Niche - A Missing Link

Lichtkunst Outdoor

  • 12.–15.03.20, 19:30–22:30 Uhr, via Augmented Reality-App
  • Literaturhaus Frankfurt, Schöne Aussicht 2, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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