The Italian

Bernardí Roig

Guest at the Instituto Cervantes is the internationally renowned sculptor and multimedia artist Bernardí Roig. He presents his video installation “The Italian”, in which he deals with the film of the same name by Ferry Radax, shot in 1971.

This hardly known experimental film is about the conspiracy of Austrian silence, guilt and expiation by the suicide of an Upper Austrian prince and his funeral, which is nothing less than the joint funeral of an entire country as celebrated by Hitler on Heldenplatz.

The artist reduces Radax’ s film material by half and, without any knowledge of German, subtitles the dialogues in Spanish with phrases from his book “Binissalem”, published in 2006. This text, strongly influenced by Bernhard’s narrative, now returns in the form of subtitles and reflects the problem of authorship and translation. However, the focus is not on translating from one language or medium to another, but from one head to another, because in our head there is nothing that belongs to us.

The installation is completed by the sculpture “The Cow”, a polyester resin casting of a slaughtered cow oozing a bundle of fluorescent tubes with different light intensities. Besides references to Rembrandt, Soutine or Bacon, the work refers to the solemn festive sacrifice, which is one of the central elements of Bernhard’s text and Radax’s film.

The Italian

Lichtkunst Indoor

  • 12.–15.03.20, 10–22 Uhr
  • Instituto Cervantes – Festivalzentrum, Staufenstrasse 1, 60323 Frankfurt am Main

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