Minimized Reality

Sensory-Minds GmbH

Julia Diehl (UX&CO)

Matthias Schildger (Mainakkustik)

Minimized Reality - A construction of modern technology, luminous screens on steles. In the dark room, however, they suddenly appear mystical and magic, a phenomenon of nature, like an old stone circle, familiar yet at the same time eerie.

Abstract animations and sounds - minimized realities - generate inner images within the visitors, merging with their sensory perceptions to create new experiences. The power of the ritual increases the sense of community – the more visitors enter the circle, the more ecstatic the forms and sounds become, and the more intense and diverse the immersive experience.

Minimized Reality

Lichtkunst Indoor

  • 12.–15.03.20, 19:30–22:30
  • Neue Schlesingergasse 22-24, , 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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