innenarchitektur offen 2020

Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten (bdia) Landesverband Hessen

Spaces between yesterday and today. People have always connected light with knowledge. After hundreds of years of divine nature, this changed with the Enlightenment, also called "siècle des lumières". From then on, it was the people themselves who determined truth and knowledge. 

It is in this sense that we see our biennial "innenarchitektur offen 2020" as "recognizing" and "making visible", as a dialogue between past and present, materialized very tangibly and comprehensively in spatial design.

For the 8th time, we as the Bund Deutscher Innenarchitekten (bdia), Landesverband Hessen, are thus bringing our profession to the public eye, sharpening the profile of our members and creating new perspectives through the students' light installations and the kick-off event "innenarchitektur offen".

With this event on March 12th, 2020, inspired by the student work "to bee or not…", we focus on the topic of sustainability, to which we, as interior designers, make a valuable contribution. Under the title "Interior goes green - between hype and necessity" we anticipate some enlightening moments in the Leopold Sonnemann Saal, with a keynote speech and talk amidst presentations by the participating bdia offices. And we look forward to offering insights into the work and future projects of the bdia and our members. The evening will close with a drink and live music.

Keynote: "Stop the ecomoral! How we save the world without constantly thinking about it", by Dr. Michael Kopatz.
Talk: Sustainability in interior design: "Interior goes green - between hype and necessity.”

The student project as part of the Biennale "innenarchitektur offen 2020": 


it drips

Harbor Thoughts


to bee or not...

innenarchitektur offen 2020


  • 12.03.20, 16–22 Uhr: Veranstaltung „innenarchitektur offen“
    15.03.20, 16–18 Uhr: Vorstellung Hochschulprojekte
  • Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Leopold Sonnemann-Saal, Saalhof 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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