Harbor Thoughts

Students from Darmstadt’s University of Applied Sciences enliven the historic jetty of Frankfurt's Stauferhafen and create "harbor thoughts" in the Historisches Museum. What visitors see in the excavation site are wall fragments and a damp oak beam. Anything more that, seen or narrated, must be created in the mind. For the Luminale, words in space explain the harbor’s origin.

Describing the location with large and striking – or small and translucent – words fill the former harbor with positive thoughts, dreams and wishes, bringing to light a time long gone. The hustle and bustle of the home port, the view of the Main river and passing ships.

Visitors are invited to travel back in time and, inspired by the luminous lettering, reflect upon the romantic harbor.

The student project as part of the Biennale "innenarchitektur offen 2020": 


it drips


to bee or not...

Harbor Thoughts

Lichtkunst Indoor

  • 12.–15.03.20, 19–23 Uhr
  • Historisches Museum Frankfurt, Saalhof 1, 60311 Frankfurt am Main

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