From Inner to Outer Light

Anny und Sibel Öztürk

Steve Jansen (Sounds)

Wanja Olten (Live-Sounds)

Anny and Sibel Öztürk’s "From Inner to Outer Light" in the Liebfrauenkirche Frankfurt is a sound and light installation based on audience participation.

Essentially, it is the energy of the visitors that co-determines the sound and light in the room. Visitors waiting outside the church can barely hear the sound within, yet perceive the lighting event as a radiance through the church windows. Conversely, visitors inside cannot see the windows from without.

The sound and light installation, with abstract subtilty, describes the historic encounter and dialogue between Francis of Assisi, founder of the Capuchin order, and Sultan Al-Malik, who turned to the West. This memorable encounter was reenacted for the 800th time in 2019.

At the invitation of the artists, musician and composer Steve Jansen of London created a sound composition for the project that interacts with the light installation. The composition partly consists of audio tracks that were actually recorded in the Church.

Anny and Sibel Öztürk wish to thank Capuchin Father Stefan M. Huppertz for the creative collaboration.

Anny und Sibel Öztürk

In their collaborative work, Städelschule graduates Anny and Sibel Öztürk tackle various themes with a variety of artistic media. Against the background of individual, pictorial memories, they address issues of collective memory from an intercultural perspective. It is a narrative embracing all resources: Light, sound, warmth and scent convey impressive multi-aesthetic experiences to the viewer.

From Inner to Outer Light

  • 12.–15.03.20, 20:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Liebfrauenkirche, Liebfrauenberg, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

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