Matter of Opinion

HDW Partner GmbH

The installation "Matter of Opinion" visualizes the interactive relationship between concept and reality.

All dimensions perceptible to humankind are presented with the aid of graphics, room installation, object and moving image.  The installation thus incorporates a design agency’s contemporary working methods and design media. The facet is the key design principle, which thematically connects the three-part installation. A polyhedral spatial object is at the heart of the work, which seems to float in an abstract space that is inaccessible from without.

The centerpiece is flanked by projections, alienated from the outside with a folded, opaque surface. Only upon entering the agency rooms can one view the projected video material, which shows the polyhedral object in various states. From within, however, the view of the center is blocked – this visualizing the impermanence of an idea.

Matter of Opinion

Lichtkunst Outdoor  |  Anderes Format

  • 12.–15.03.20, 18–23 Uhr
  • HDW Partner GmbH, Ludwigstraße 12, 63067 Offenbach

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