Romanticism can be seen as a movement that gave primary importance to the free expression of the feelings of the artist and that tried to bring emotions at the center of stage. We want, as the Romantics, to “RE-poetize” our world and bring emotion at the first place thanks to our light-art-digital-object. What’s more personal and direct than a communication device?

Yes, Romanticism can be digital. Our interpretation of the Luminale 2020 theme is the “re-poetization of the digital” through one massive pager sending romantic messages to all people in Frankfurt. We are using an alphanumeric Sixteen-segment display as a digital screen to communicate with light as a medium. Firstly, Romantic sentences created by the masters of this movement use our digital interface to send their messages and art through time and space; and secondly, the digital display will try with his own language made of codes, emoticons and glitch to be romantic in its own way. Therefore, we want to create a language between romantic and digital and give it to the people around. We will use the interface to deliver romantic messages using light and technology. In this installation, light becomes a new medium to digitally display Romantic verses in the city.

The pager is quoting from Goethe’s Mailied: 

How brightly nature
Shines this morning!
What radiant sun!
How the fields sing!

Loveliest of loves!
Fair and golden,
Like morning clouds
On the mountain.

So do I love you
With all my heart!
The one who inspires
Youth, Joy and art;

A mood for new songs
Dancing lively,
Oh be so happy
As you love me!


LUX – Lucile Cassassolles and Simon Chevalier – is a design studio created in 2016 by a young duo of artists originating from Lyon. Inspired by science fiction and primitive, brutalist art, they apply and experiment with this vision of design in their creations. Using large-scale, repetitive geometric shapes, they create sober, highly-precise graphic sculptures.

Lichtkunst Outdoor

  • 12.–15.03.20, 19:30–22:30 Uhr
  • Albert Mangelsdorff Weiher, Bockenheimer Anlage, 60313 Frankfurt am Main

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