Yasuhiro Chida: Surrounded by Diamond Dust

Ever more often, the name Yasuhiro Chida is mentioned in the same breath as the great light art luminaries of the age. For Luminale, he will be creating a work of art that requires absolute darkness.

Myrkviðr © Yasuhiro Chida / Foto: Frank Vinken

We were thrilled when Yasuhiro Chida confirmed his participation in the Luminale 2020 – and excited to hear of the Japanese artist's plan to create a light installation in absolute darkness. Yet this also meant a laborious search for a venue that was right for such an unusual project.  Plans had to be repeatedly overturned until the perfect space was eventually found: the stone cellar of the former Röderberg brewery. The place where beers were once stored and later became home to the O25 discotheque, will soon play host to an extraordinary work of art. Partially carved deep into the rock face on the slope of the Röderbergweg, the stone cellar provides a totally dark space for Chida's installation.

The works of Yasuhiro Chida, born 1977 in Japan, engage with the interaction between man and his environment, or more precisely: with the sensory perception of the latter. He finds inspiration on excursions into nature, mountain climbing and descending into deep caves and processes these impressions in his works. The light artist often creates his impressive artistic experiences with very simple means. Chida has also created large installations in the public space as well as in the landscape and, since 2015, his work has been progressively exhibited in Europe and won several awards. In 2019, Chida was among the finalists of the International Light Art Award, co-initiated by the Center for International Light Art Unna.

For Luminale, he will be using kilometers of transparent nylon thread in the Keller (Cellar) brewery in Ostendstrasse. The rest of this poetic intervention will be provided by a single, precisely-placed light source that will cascade into absolute darkness. "One will be surrounded by several thousand tiny points of light moving in space," as Yasuhiro Chida explains, "reminiscent of the natural phenomenon of the diamond or arctic snow."

The Diamond Dust, as the weather phenomenon is called, denotes a special form of precipitation, where ice needles form in the earth, which are created directly from water vapor, before falling to the ground. The ice crystals sparkle like diamonds, which gave the phenomenon its name.

“I believe that space itself has beauty. However, space is not visible and touchable. Light is the purest material which can change space tangibly. When density becomes limitlessly low and reaches the limit where people can feel some kind of existence, the material loses its materiality and remains only as quality and space. People feel as if they were surrounded by light particles”.

The Luminale-Project of Yasuhiro Chida:  Myrkviðr

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