"Inspire people for sustainable construction"

The Luminale sees itself as a platform to bring together and sensitize local stakeholders to the challenges of urban design. One project in the BETTER CITY section is The GREEN SHOWHOUSE FERDI by PIER F – Port of the Future Frankfurt, founded by Susanne Petry, who explains what lies behind the initiative.

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In the course of on-going debate on the emission of greenhouse gases, the construction industry is often ignored. Seen globally, it is responsible for a great percentage of all CO2 emissions. Cement production alone accounts for approximately four to eight percent worldwide. Including the entire housing and building sector, that figure easily soars into double digits, according to the calculation model. This suggests a savings potential far greater than would be the case, for example, with all individual air travel.

As an architect, Susanne Petry has been engaged with the issue of sustainable building for many years. In 2010, she founded the communications and knowledge platform Architecture in Dialogue (AiD), which brings together decision-makers and stakeholders to inspire them on the topic and motivate them to action. Very popular are the AiD's KLIMAtours: specialist guided tours of the city's energy-efficient buildings. In 2015, the AiD’s concept for a practice-oriented educational and meeting place gave rise to PIER F - Zukunftshafen Frankfurt (Port of the Future Frankfurt). For Petry, long-time board member of the Umweltforum (environmental forum), and chairwoman of Zukunftshafen Frankfurt e.V., PIER F, based in Osthafen, the project is close to her heart. For quite some time, she has been searching for a suitable location, where ideas and theories can be practically presented: "We have been looking for the right setting for a long time. Through the Frankfurt project RADAR, we finally came across a vacant building in Fechenheim, formerly home to a logistics company." Here, in the empty FERDI building, the PIER-F concept of a living showroom, laboratory and experimental field is gradually taking shape – and open to all wishing to take part. From sustainable building solutions to structural climate adaptation (green roofs and facades, unsealing, etc.) to interiors with "curtains and carpets of 'green' materials", they are open to everything. In matters of format, the FERDI concept is equally diverse; in addition to classic possibilities with foam, new concepts could be presented at readings, for instance, or discussed in workshops or panels. Petry, the initiator, can also envisage a sustainable café for the neighborhood, enabling the GREEN SHOWHOUSE FERDI to make its own contribution to a climate-friendly city.

As far as Petry is concerned, the fact that the FERDI is still in the concept phase is a key advantage. "Looking at other examples of sustainable building, as a rule, the construction work has already been completed. We don't want to get involved in creating a building that is practically finished. And we don't want to go it alone. We need a lot of people who can provide inspiration and are willing to participate. The Green Showcase lives from networking and this networking is important to us," summarizes Petry.

By participating in the BETTER CITY program of the Luminale 2020, Petry hopes to attract more attention to the project: "We want to inspire lots of people for the topic of sustainable building.” Petry is well aware that for many Luminale visitors, the FERDI location is somewhat off the beaten track. An idea: A CLIMATE TOUR by bike, where participants can experience examples of sustainability – and get to know the project – along the way.

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