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Marcus McShane might well have been the Luminale artist with the longest journey. But instead of making the lengthy trip from New Zealand, he is collaborating with Berlin artists, who will be assembling and representing his work.

Art exhibitions bring people and art together from all over the world. Flying is often a part of it, to bring ideas, works and, not least of all, their creators, to those places where exhibitions, festivals and biennials are held.  Yet, at times when that is difficult, the principle of artistic collaboration can help. We recently received news that Marcus McShane will not be travelling from New Zealand to set up his underwater light installation "If Words Were Water". There are several reasons, but all are connected with resources: Time, money, and CO2.

"The work is currently being shipped to Germany from New Zealand," the artist explains, "and the artistic collective Nocturnal will install it for me, maintain it and also represent me during the entire Luminale. This will save money on air travel and also reduce the work’s CO2 budget from 6800 to about 500 kilograms. A win-win situation for everybody involved, McShane points out. "I'd love to be there, but I've worked successfully with Nocturnal before and, as they're based in Berlin, it makes far more sense than me flying around the globe.”

Markus McShane on Luminale 2020: "Ifwords were water"

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