Music, Sound & Light: REFRAKTO in St. Catherine’s Church

The call for the Luminale 2020 is closed and the first projects to have definitely made it into the program have emerged. One of which is the audiovisual performance REFRAKTO in Frankfurt's St. Catherine’s Church, to be accompanied by several concerts.

REFRAKTO in St. Catherine’s Church will be offering our Luminale visitors an immersive, overall experience, combing music, sound, light and laser mapping. The audiovisual performance and installation were developed by the Danish composer duo Den Sorte Skole, together with the artist collective Vertigo and organist Prof. Martin Luecker, exclusively for St. Catherine’s Church at Frankfurt's Hauptwache.

Exploration of sacred space and divine traces in the history of mankind are at the focus of this artistic work. Possible questions confronting visitors and artists alike: What happens when religious expressions are mixed and their context is dispersed? When a Gregorian choir sings with a shaman from the Congo in an optically alienated church space?

The music consists of samples of religious and spiritual music recorded over seven decades - from field recordings of indigenous tribal ceremonies, Sufi chants and Benedictine choral traditions to classical Arabic vocal music, up to and including contemporary experimental electronic music. This enters into a dialogue with the organ. The visual side combines custom-made LED and laser mapping technology that illuminates the church and connects the musical traces of religion and modern technology with its architectural space. Den Sorte Skole have already performed live at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art, the Royal Theatre in Denmark and the Elbphilharmonie in Hamburg.

During the Luminale, taking place from 12th to 15th March 2020, in Frankfurt and Offenbach, REFRAKTO will perform a live one-hour concert daily at 7:30 pm and thereafter as a repeating 15-minute installation. "Together with the participating artists, we decided to start every evening with a live concert to allow the power of the installation to unfold. Visitors will thus have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the installation and its message, undisturbed by the flow of ‘light seekers’, as Pastor Dr. Olaf Lewerenz, explains: "The performance will then continue as an installation and the church will be open to all Luminale visitors.”

Tickets for the four live concerts are already available, at 5 Euros via

Picture: Den Sorte Skole and Vertigo in Elbphilharmonie Hamburg © Mariliis Kundla /

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