Innovative project in the festival center: high-rise dwellers wanted

For an innovative project, the Luminale is still looking for participants who would like to talk about their lives in a high-rise building. Embedded in lectures and panel discussions, a format entitled „Luxury, Lifestyle, Love - Living in the Towers“ is being developed, whereby several protagonists will briefly and entertainingly offer insights into their lives in the skyscrapers.

The project will be held on 13.03.20 between 4:30 and 5:30 pm, venue will be the stage in the festival center.

Good to know: Each lecture should last about five to seven minutes and be accompanied by photos or videos from the participant’s personal living environment. What is it like to live with an unobstructed view of the Frankfurt skyline or the Taunus? What is inspiring, what is missing? What does the city look like from the particular tower? By day, by night, in different weather conditions? Views on the home environment, favorite place, elevator, underground car park, apartment, family, hobbies, pets and much more are very welcome.

The project is being developed in cooperation with students of the Academy for Design (HfG) in Offenbach. Participation will require an appointment for photo and camera work in the respective high-rise apartments. In addition, all protagonists should prepare a small presentation. Three places have already been allocated. Interested in taking part? We look forward to other high-rise residents reporting on their lives in the skyscrapers!

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