Achieving a lot with slender means : redesign of the Luminale

From now on, a redesigned Luminale is taking the stage. This means that the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design is also more visually powerful as an independent cultural festival in and beyond Frankfurt am Main.

For the new look, we were lucky to recruit the services of renowned graphic designer Sandra Doeller, who works for many renowned clients both at home and abroad, for artists and cultural institutions and thereby constantly exploring the boundaries between viewing habits and subtle irritations.

„Posters particularly are often designed on a very small scale“, explains Doeller. Different colors, fonts and interwoven designs are intended to help win the fight for attention. But the Luminale wants to take another route: „If everybody shouts loudly, nobody is heard. The Luminale’s remake should thus be able to achieve a great deal with reduced resources.“ Consistently reducing color to black and white, as well as the selection of a single, still novel typeface, set in one size only, form the basis of the new look. The result is a clear and precise appearance providing a high recognition value, yet at the same time will not visually compete with the light art of the Luminale.

In order to show the design to advantage on all channels and in all media, Doeller and her team have prepared various scenarios. From the animated social media campaign to the redesign of the Luminale logo, to bill posting in the public space, the new image is uniformly communicated. The luminous elements evoke associations with the neon tube and thus with those days when advertising was still called publicity. Thus, the design can also be read as a current reference to the new Luminale theme: „Digital Romantic“.

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