Call for Volunteers

Please spread the word: We are still looking for volunteers for the Luminale 2020, the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design.



Achieving a lot with slender means : redesign of the Luminale

From now on, a redesigned Luminale is taking the stage. This means that the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design is also more visually powerful as an independent cultural festival in and beyond Frankfurt am Main.



Innovative project in the festival center: high-rise dwellers wanted

For an innovative project, the Luminale is still looking for participants who would like to talk about their lives in a high-rise building. Embedded in lectures and panel discussions, a format entitled „Luxury, Lifestyle, Love - Living in the Towers“ is being developed, whereby several protagonists will briefly and entertainingly offer insights into their lives in the skyscrapers.



Luminale is getting a new project office

Around four months before the start of the Luminale 2020, the organizational team will be moving into a new project office in Frankfurt’s city center. Our heartfelt thanks to the City of Frankfurt for arranging the office space in Weißfrauenstraße – and to AES Veranstaltungstechnik, who have provided us with tables and chairs!



Antje Boetius startet Arktis-Expedition

Heute startet die MOSAiC-Expedition, bei der Wissenschaftler aus 19 Nationen die Arktis im Jahresverlauf erforschen. Am Sonntag, den 15. März 2020 wird Antje Boetius im TALK-Programm der Luminale über das spannende Projekt berichten.



Themenschwerpunkt 2020 „Digital Romantic“

Light and city are the overarching themes of the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design. In 2020, the Luminale, with a focus on „Digital Romantic“, offers another starting point for artistic work.



LUCI Association

Since 1 January 2019 Luminale e.V. has been an associated member of the „LUCI Association“, the Lighting Urban Community International.


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