Luminale 2022 is suspended

Dear artists, 
dear friends and partners,
Luminale 2022 is suspended. We regret this very much and look ahead for a new edition in 2024.
We thank you for your interest in light, art and urban design.
Your Luminale Team



Luminale is cancelled

Messe Frankfurt, in close cooperation with the Frankfurt Health Authority, has decided to cancel Luminale at short notice. It was to be held in Frankfurt and Offenbach from 12 to 15 March.



When the digital becomes romantic - renowned light artists interpret the theme of Luminale2020

Glowing swans on the pond, magical tales and virtual reality in the middle of the city. Philipp Geist, Marija Avramovic & Sam Twidale, Denis Bivour & Florian Giefer, as well as the artists' collective Xenorama, are the creators of major attractions for the Luminale - presenting a total of four highly independent interpretations of this year's theme "Digital Romantic".



Register and take part: “Human Light“ now in the Klassikstadt

The artistic initiative Human Light invites visitors to join in and become an active part of the Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design. After a last-minute change of venue, the project will now be presented in Frankfurt's Klassikstadt.



Update: Health Department has no concerns

The Luminale, which is held in the urban space, mostly outdoors, does not pose any additional health hazard.



Luminale to go ahead

Luminale will be held in Frankfurt and Offenbach from 12 to 15 March 2020. The organisers are in close contact with Frankfurt’s public-health authorities with regard to the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.



Atelier Orbit24 sammelt Spiegel für den „ERLEUCHT-TURM“

Bevor sich das Atelier Orbit24 zur Luminale in einen Leuchtturm verwandeln kann, rufen die beiden Künstlerinnen zur aktiven Mithilfe auf: Für die komplette Verspiegelung des Raumes sammeln sie Spiegel – gerne auch nur als Leihgabe.



The printed Luminale program is available from 6th March, 2020

The Luminale program brochure is still very popular with visitors of the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design. Compact yet handy, it provides information at a glance on all Luminale installations, the TALK program and lots of additional data about the light art festival in Frankfurt and Offenbach.



Light + Builiding postponed

Despite the postponement of Light + Building, the Luminale will take place as planned in the period from 12th to 15th March 2020 in Frankfurt am Main and Offenbach.



KUU - The first Luminale light object you can take home

Especially for the Luminale, a collaboration between the designer Kai Linke and the frankfurter werkgemeinschaft e.V. (fwg) has created a light object in limited edition.



Licht aus!

Ein Lichtkunstfestival, das zum Ausschalten der Beleuchtung animieren möchte? Sie haben richtig gelesen: Die Luminale will mit der Aktion „Licht aus!“ nicht nur einen symbolischen Ausgleich für den Energieverbrauch der Lichtkunst in der Stadt schaffen, sondern auch das Bewusstsein für dieses wichtige Thema schärfen.



Yasuhiro Chida: Surrounded by Diamond Dust

Ever more often, the name Yasuhiro Chida is mentioned in the same breath as the great light art luminaries of the age. For Luminale, he will be creating a work of art that requires absolute darkness.



A visit to the dancing Shedim

Soon there’ll be dancing on the glass façade of the Ignatz Bubis Community Center, but first the performers must appear before the camera: We accompanied Lukas Sünder and his "Shedim Ballet" during the shoot.



The Artist is (not) present

Marcus McShane might well have been the Luminale artist with the longest journey. But instead of making the lengthy trip from New Zealand, he is collaborating with Berlin artists, who will be assembling and representing his work.



A Free Ride for Luminale artists!

For the duration of the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design, the Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt am Main (VGF) is donating - as part of their own project – free ride to all Luminale artists, who do not live locally.



Guided Luminale Tours

On foot, by bus or in a historic tram: Our partners Frankfurter Stadtevents, Frankfurter Stadtgeschichten, KULTUROTHEK and Verkehrsgesellschaft Frankfurt offer various tours for Luminale 2020.



Knee-deep in the German Romantic

At the Luminale 2020, Robert Seidel will be illuminating the newly designed facade of the future German Romantic Museum. We met him, when he was on research in Frankfurt.



Light + Building Guided Tours with 13 international Lighting Designers and Experts

World-Architects, ein internationales Netzwerk ausgewählter Architekt*innen und Baufachleute, organisiert zur Light + Building, der Weltleitmesse für Licht- und Gebäudetechnik, vom 8. bis 13. März 2020 Guided Tours mit 13 internationalen Lichtdesigner*innen und Expert*innen.



"Inspire people for sustainable construction"

The Luminale sees itself as a platform to bring together and sensitize local stakeholders to the challenges of urban design. One project in the BETTER CITY section is The GREEN SHOWHOUSE FERDI by PIER F – Port of the Future Frankfurt, founded by Susanne Petry, who explains what lies behind the initiative.



First projects are online!

So far we have only worked behind the scenes, but finally we are ready to present light art works for the Luminale 2020.



Call for Volunteers

Please spread the word: We are still looking for volunteers for the Luminale 2020, the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design.



Music, Sound & Light: REFRAKTO in St. Catherine’s Church

The call for the Luminale 2020 is closed and the first projects to have definitely made it into the program have emerged. One of which is the audiovisual performance REFRAKTO in Frankfurt's St. Catherine’s Church, to be accompanied by several concerts.



"We want to update the idea of recycling."

Material Warehouse offers a major opportunity to make the exhibition business more sustainable. With "Material für Alle" (Material for All), gallerist and cultural creator Felix Grosse-Lohmann has successfully kick-started his dream of just such a contact point in Frankfurt. MFA is now supporting the Luminale and its artists as a partner.



Practical Support for our Luminale Artists

Event technology, material storage and other equipment: several companies and initiatives are at our side as valued partners, and happy to offer support to our Luminale artists.



Achieving a lot with slender means : redesign of the Luminale

From now on, a redesigned Luminale is taking the stage. This means that the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design is also more visually powerful as an independent cultural festival in and beyond Frankfurt am Main.



Innovative project in the festival center: high-rise dwellers wanted

For an innovative project, the Luminale is still looking for participants who would like to talk about their lives in a high-rise building. Embedded in lectures and panel discussions, a format entitled „Luxury, Lifestyle, Love - Living in the Towers“ is being developed, whereby several protagonists will briefly and entertainingly offer insights into their lives in the skyscrapers.



Luminale is getting a new project office

Around four months before the start of the Luminale 2020, the organizational team will be moving into a new project office in Frankfurt’s city center. Our heartfelt thanks to the City of Frankfurt for arranging the office space in Weißfrauenstraße – and to AES Veranstaltungstechnik, who have provided us with tables and chairs!



Antje Boetius startet Arktis-Expedition

Heute startet die MOSAiC-Expedition, bei der Wissenschaftler aus 19 Nationen die Arktis im Jahresverlauf erforschen. Am Sonntag, den 15. März 2020 wird Antje Boetius im TALK-Programm der Luminale über das spannende Projekt berichten.



Themenschwerpunkt 2020 „Digital Romantic“

Light and city are the overarching themes of the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design. In 2020, the Luminale, with a focus on „Digital Romantic“, offers another starting point for artistic work.



LUCI Association

Since 1 January 2019 Luminale e.V. has been an associated member of the „LUCI Association“, the Lighting Urban Community International.


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