KUU – Luminale light object you can take home

How does the moon come to the Luminale? – KUU is the Finnish word for moon and the name of a light object that was created by designer Kai Linke together with the frankfurter werkgemeinschaft e.V. (fwg) for the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design.

“The idea of realizing a project together with the mentally or physicaly disabilied already came up during the Luminale 2018,” explains festival director Isa Rekkab. “Thus, we contacted the frankfurter werkgemeinschaft e.V. and were able to win the designer Kai Linke for this project.”

With his STUDIO KAI LINKE, the Frankfurt-based designer has been designing and developing objects, lighting and furniture for international clients, companies and institutions since 2009, both in the area of interiors and trade fair architecture, as well as for the public space. The fwg is a social non-profit that offers the mentally ill and disabled a wide range of opportunities for social and professional participation.

Before working on the actual design, Kai Linke visited the fwg workshop. Production possibilities, existing materials and the feasibility of various work processes were coordinated. Based on this, a design was created – and a limited, handmade edition.

KUU is a buoyant, atmospheric light object. Its spherical shape, its light and the structure of its surface are reminiscent of the moon. The light object is integrated into its packaging thanks to its well-conceived production method and the appropriate use of materials. The lampshade is made of tear-proof, recyclable material and is illuminated from within by a dimmable LED element. It is charged via a USB cable, which is provided. Thanks to the integrated magnets on the bottom of the lamp, the light object adheres to metallic surfaces.

KUU is the first exclusive light object at the Luminale that visitors can take home with them. It will be available at the Goethe House and the Luminale festival centre in exchange for a contribution in support of fwg.

• Design and development: Kai Linke

• Graphics: Bureau Sandra Doeller

• Print: Vereinte Druckwerke

• Manufacture: frankfurter werkgemeinschaft e. V.

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