Can I get infected with Corona?

According to the Health Department, the Luminale, which mostly takes place outdoors, does not pose any additional risk.

More information can be found here: News

Are there any program changes?

An overview of program changes can be found here: Program changes

Which Luminale projects are suitable for children?

In principle, all Luminale projects can also be viewed and experienced by children. However, special supervision is sometimes required. To decide this lies in the individual handling of the parents or accompanying persons. The city center for children and families (KiFaZ) has a special program item for families: KiFaZ-Projects

Where do I have to pay entry?

The Luminale itself is a free event, the following projects are exceptions:


What objects can I see before dark?

You can find information on the seasons of all Luminale projects in our calendar

Why shouldn't I miss Offenbach?

The Luminale invites you to rediscover the city and explore public space - this also applies to Offenbach.

How does access to the talk events work?

The talk events take place in the Instituto Cervantes and are free of charge.

Can i reserve?


How do I get to the festival center?

Subway: U6, U7 Alte Oper
From there it is a 7 minute walk
Directions via Google Maps

How do I get from the city center ...

... to the Westend campus?

Subway: U 1 U2 U3 U8 Holzhausenstrasse
From there it is 8 minutes on foot
Directions via Google Maps

... to Ostparkstrasse?

Subway: U 6 Ostbahnhof
From there it is 6 minutes on foot
Directions via Google Maps

... to Le Panther?

Tram: 12, 18 Hessian monument
From there it is a 3 minute walk
Directions via Google Maps

... to the St. Antoniuskirche?

Tram: 11, 14, 16, 17, 20, 21 Republic Square
From there it is 4 minutes on foot
Directions via Google Maps

... to the Müllermain?

Subway: U4 U5 Dom / Römer
From there it is a 10 minute walk
Directions via Google Maps

Where can buses be parked?


5 bus parking spaces: Berliner Straße / Großer Hirschgraben (near Goethe Haus)
6 bus parking spaces: Berliner Straße / Paulskirche (near Römerberg) - only Boarding and alighting (max. 15 min.)
2 bus parking spaces: Eiserner Steg / Mainkai (northern Main side)
5 bus parking spaces: Gutleutstraße (between Untermainanlage and Wiesenhüttenstraße)
1 bus parking lot: Konrad-Adenauer-Straße / The Westin Grand Hotel
3 bus parking spaces: Untermainanlage
5 bus parking spaces: Untermainkai - parking time: 1.5 hours (between Untermainbrücke and Eiserner Steg)
1 bus parking space: Untermainkai - Nizza-Werft - only entry and exit (max. 10 minutes)

Near main station

4 bus parking spaces: Mannheimer Straße
5 bus parking spaces: Pforzheimer Straße
1 bus parking space: Poststraße
5 bus parking spaces: Stuttgarter Straße
2 bus parking spaces: Wiesenhüttenplatz near the fair
35 bus parking spaces: Breitenbachstraße
1 bus parking lot: Hamburger Allee (in front of the Marriott Hotel)


4 bus parking spaces: Deutschherrnufer - Haus der Jugend (reserved for youth hostel)
2 bus parking spaces: Dreieichstraße (near Klappergasse)
2 Bus parking: Dürerstraße (near Städel Museum)
25 bus parking spaces: Eiserner Steg / Schaumainkai, Sachsenhäuser Ufer - no entry and exit
2 bus parking spaces: Walter-Kolb-Straße (Schulstrasse) - 1 stop on each side of the lane Palm garden
4 bus parking spaces: Siesmayerstraße (2 of which are seasonally limited from March to October)
3 bus parking spaces: Zeppelinallee zoo 2 bus parking spaces: Alfred-Brehm-Platz (seasonally limited March - October)


4 bus parking spaces: Erich-Ollenhauer-Ring







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