We would like to thank all artists, supporters, partners and visitors of the Luminale 2018.

In 2018, the Luminale was presented with a completely new concept, inspiring approx. 250,000 visitors with 150 projects. As biennial for light art and urban design, it illuminated the city’s streets, squares and houses, also focusing on issues of current urban development. Such renowned artists as Victoria Coeln, Philipp Geist, Nikolaus Hirsch and the artists' collective „Urbanscreen“, all played their part. For the first time, the biennial’s extensive program unfolded in five sections, each with its own focus, and the Luminale moved its festival center to the „Instituto Cervantes“, where lectures and discussions were held with artists including Harald Welzer, Antje Boetius and Charles G Stone. Projects that have been permanently preserved in the city represent a further program highlight, thus contributing to the sustainability of the entire festival.


You will find the Luminale 2018 and its projects here: LUMINALE ARCHIV

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