The Luminale’s TALK category invites experts and citizens to get together for interdisciplinary dialogue and discourse on light, the city and the future.

Frankfurt is growing dynamically, and the city is facing the challenge of sustainably shaping this growth in harmony with its residents’ the quality of life. The same applies to neighboring Offenbach, Germany's most international city.

More than ever before, this complex task requires different perspectives and the networking of experts from the areas of technology, ecology, economics, architecture and sociology. It requires the visionary power of art to tackle urban changes and, last but not least, the involvement and commitment of its citizens.

The Luminale casts light on these issues, linking the popular Light Festival with a debate on urban design that includes structural, economic, ecological, social and technological aspects and, last but not least, artistic positions.

In the FESTIVAL CENTRE, the Instituto Cervantes, located in the former Amerika-Haus, Luminale TALK offers opportunity and scope for dialogue and discourse with renowned experts from the areas of art, culture, science and politics.



Innovative project in the festival center: high-rise dwellers wanted

For an innovative project, the Luminale is still looking for participants who would like to talk about their lives in a high-rise building. Embedded in lectures and panel discussions, a format entitled „Luxury, Lifestyle, Love - Living in the Towers“ is being developed, whereby several protagonists will briefly and entertainingly offer insights into their lives in the skyscrapers.



Antje Boetius startet Arktis-Expedition

Heute startet die MOSAiC-Expedition, bei der Wissenschaftler aus 19 Nationen die Arktis im Jahresverlauf erforschen. Am Sonntag, den 15. März 2020 wird Antje Boetius im TALK-Programm der Luminale über das spannende Projekt berichten.


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