The Luminale’s CURATED category unites outstanding artistic projects at the interface of light and city. These projects are linked on the Light Walk, to create a public gallery of light art, inviting visitors on a tour of discovery.

CURATED presents selected projects where light plays a key role as medium and/or material. The Luminale’s interdisciplinary Advisory Board is involved in the program’s planning and design.  Experts from the fields of art, culture and design collaborate in developing relevant criteria for participation to decide which projects are to be included in this category.

Light and City are the all-embracing themes of the Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design. For 2020, the Luminale offers a further point of contact for artistic works with its thematic focus DIGITAL ROMANTIC. The question here is: How can digital and romanticism be combined in the city? How or where can a new Romanticism shape the urban space?

Focus, on the one hand, is on those works created for a specific location in Frankfurt or Offenbach, which explore its architecture, history or possible future perspectives. On the other, the program also encompasses projects that address the relevant aspects of urban design or general issues of urbanity.



Music, Sound & Light: REFRAKTO in St. Catherine’s Church

The call for the Luminale 2020 is closed and the first projects to have definitely made it into the program have emerged. One of which is the audiovisual performance REFRAKTO in Frankfurt's St. Catherine’s Church, to be accompanied by several concerts.



Themenschwerpunkt 2020 „Digital Romantic“

Light and city are the overarching themes of the Biennale for Light Art and Urban Design. In 2020, the Luminale, with a focus on „Digital Romantic“, offers another starting point for artistic work.


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