COMMUNITY is supported by the creativity of Frankfurt and Offenbach, their artists, creative minds and cultural institutions. The Community Program is open to everyone seeking to create with light.

COMMUNITY presents projects with and about light, which are thematically unrelated and create space for experiments and improvisations outside the criteria of the Advisory Board. Now open to issues of urban design, the Luminale offers numerous opportunities for dialogue revolving around urban development, the quality of city life, public space, among many other topics. Important here is that participation is open to anyone with a daring, powerful, creative idea that involves light or the use of light!

The breadth and diversity of the Luminale – supported by the participation of artists, creative people, associations, studios, companies, institutions and interested residents of Frankfurt and Offenbach – is exemplified here. Thus, COMMUNITY shows that something great can be achieved by involving many on a small scale.

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