The Luminale’s BETTER CITY turns sustainability in the urban space into a tangible experience, presenting projects that will be preserved for the city and its residents beyond the duration of the Luminale.

What remains when the Luminale is over? With the BETTER CITY section, the Biennial for Light Art and Urban Design has set itself the goal of providing impetus for sustainable urban development. At least one Luminale project is to remain a permanent part of the cityscape, or be further pursued in terms of planning. 

In 2018, for example, the Luminale presented the new permanent light installation at the Friedberger Warte, and a cooperative project was initiated at the Buegel in Nieder-Eschbach to permanently improve lighting in the district.

BETTER CITY also makes the Luminale present in the urban space beyond the festival’s duration and creates sustainability for a special quality of life.

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